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“Point your kids in the right direction — when they’re old they won’t be lost.”

Proverbs 22:6 (MSG)

Strong Parents = Strong Families

As parents we are the most important people in our child’s life. The impressions we leave in our children’s hearts will last a life time. Having a child is one of the most exciting, terrifying, amazing and challenging experiences and it doesn’t take long to realize we need help.


Part of our vision is to build strong families.  We want to come alongside parents whether single, married or blended by offering Bible based teaching on raising kids.  Life is full of challenges and equipping parents is vital to the success of the next generation.


For information on the latest parenting events, contact us at or by calling the church office.

Our Core Values

We have compiled a set of values we try to live by. It is our desire to live lives shaped and honed by this set core values.

Our Beliefs

It is imperative that our beliefs are firmly rooted in the Word of God. We strive to be true to scripture and obedient to the Word!

Our Strategy

Without a solid strategy there is no hope of fulfilling a mission. We believe our strategy to be strong and effect.