Everyone must GROW!

Spiritual Growth is Essential


Many times, when a person begins their decision as a Christ follower, they are led in a nice prayer, maybe handed a Bible, but little beyond that. While this is a good start, it doesn’t prepare us for the journey. Quite frankly, being a Christian can be a difficult endeavor. There are so many things vying for our attention that it’s easy to take our spiritual growth for granted. Sometimes we even just feel inadequate, unprepared, and overwhelmed. Here at Antioch, one of our Core Values is to make disciples. We want to go beyond the initial decision to live for Jesus, and be with you, step by step, as you grow in your Christianity.


Whether you just made the decision to live for Jesus, or if you count your Christian walk in decades, we have some incredible opportunities available just for you to experience real spiritual growth!


To get plugged into Discipleship at Antioch Church contact our church office at 913.432.4300 or email us at GROW@antiochchurch.com.


Our Core Values

We have compiled a set of values we try to live by. It is our desire to live lives shaped and honed by this set core values.

Our Beliefs

It is imperative that our beliefs are firmly rooted in the Word of God. We strive to be true to scripture and obedient to the Word!

Our Strategy

Without a solid strategy there is no hope of fulfilling a mission. We believe our strategy to be strong and effect.